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Zimbabwe, home to all-inspiring Rivers, wonderful woodlands and unique wildlife, offers the perfect place to find the property of your dream! Lamudi is Zimbabwe’s number 1 online real estate marketplace because we make the search much easier than ever! Our world-class variety and unbeatable pricing on the most sought-after real estate in the whole of Africa, is what sets us apart from ordinary property markets. Whether you are looking to rent in urban areas such as Avondale or Avenues, or you prefer to buy in the more provincial settings of Mashonaland West and East, you will find the perfect match for your needs right here.

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Real estate fraud is a genuine source of concern for a majority of Zimbabweans! Lamudi offers a way of allaying those fears with our highly regarded “Trusted Sellers” seal of approval, which is allocated only to parties that meet the high security standards of Lamudi! This seal guarantees that the people or companies you deal with are reputable and honest, giving you the safety and security that other real estate companies severely lack! This is indicative of the experience we aim to provide at all stages of your transactions with us, providing high quality support in order for your dealings to go as smoothly as possible.

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When it comes to diversity, nobody comes close to Lamudi! Whether you are looking for houses, apartments, stands, commercial or development properties, Lamudi is the right choice for you! We have designed our catalogue in such a manner, so as to give you a comprehensive idea of the quality and structure of the property before you contact the seller. Equally, if you wish to sell or let out your piece of prime real estate, our website allows you to make the perfect pitch to potential customers, by adding pictures and information! Finally, the range of prices available at Lamudi is truly breath-taking.


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